Welcome to the world of Blue Moon Comics!

This is Blue Moon Comics, a newsletter about Blue Moon Comics publications like Diversions and our line of Special Editions! Blue Moon Comics, if this is your first time hearing of us, publishes a comics anthology called Diversions, featuring super-heroes (like NIGHT SPIDER, MIDNIGHT STRANGER, UNBEATABLE BRICK, and others), sci-fi (OTHER WORLDS), fantasy (KRAGOR the SAVAGE), Westerns (GUNS & ROSA), and lots more. The first 7 issues of Diversions are in black and white, and issues 8 on are in color. We’ve also published collections (we call them “Special Editions”) featuring MIDNIGHT STRANGER, GUNS & ROSA, ASH-AMAN (in black and white) and NIGHT SPIDER (in color). If you haven’t checked out our comics, please give them a try! You can find them in print or digital from

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